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SELF MADE: Boley, Oklahoma is a creative nonfiction work comprised of personal narratives and stunning images, culminating in an understanding of the soul and spirit of Boley residents: those who built this town and those who remain a part of its tapestry and truth.

"To live your calling can be a heavy cross to bear and one that no one else can carry for you.  But I've found that if you can somehow hold on when the burden is heaviest, you'll one day, in the best of times, laugh loudest at what was once the worst of times."

-c j

"She lifted her face to the blue sky. . . River felt a power beneath her bruised skin and broken spirit that pushed her into a place of peace and joy. Running set her free."

-C J

For True

"Even if we are afraid, we must speak. We must cry out: enough."

-C J


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