First Thing's First

At the end of the day, first thing’s first.

Before I begin working on the new assignment - deadline tomorrow, I read a bedtime story to my son.

Tonight, his book of choice: Dinosaur Roar.

Before I dissect the article - written two days ago, I lay my son in his bed and pull the blanket over his little legs.

His blanket of choice: Cars, set against a blue backdrop.

Before I attempt to fuse together scattered thoughts and floating ideas into one coherent piece on paper, I kiss my son goodnight and sit next to his bed for a while, keeping watch as he falls asleep.

Because  at the end of the day, before looming deadlines, necessary edits and impending pieces, first thing’s first.

“At the end of the day,  my most important title is still Mom-in-chief.”  ~First Lady,  Michelle Obama