The Facebook Place

It is a place where people can add you to their lives as friends without really being your friend. The neighbor who rarely speaks to you can be vocal in your life by clicking the Like button- or not.  It is a mecca for those who have mastered the art of being passive-aggressive: their status updates filled with reprimand for The Person Who Shall Remain Unnamed.  Photos and posts are made Public so that the extraordinary life being detailed can reach beyond the circle of Friends and Friends of Friends. Then, she logs off and sobs into the very hands which moments earlier had written of a life that could not possibly warrant sobbing of this kind. Broken hearts and spirits are masked by re-postings of captions set against graphics that exclaim “I don’t give a f*#k,” “I don’t need anyone but me” and “I can do bad all by myself.” I Check-In with friends at establishments that were once beyond our reach while singing the catchy Drake loop, “Started from the bottom now we’re here; started from the bottom now the whole team’s here.” But you may mistake my gratitude for arrogance because emotion cannot be conveyed through black words against a white computer screen. You’d have to look into my eyes and listen to the inflection in my voice to understand just how low our bottom was and just how much these Check-Ins really mean. Your birthday is celebrated more at this place than any other. You awaken on the Big Day to hundreds of well-wishes that quell any negative thoughts you may have had about getting old. Sorry, older. It is a place where dreams are shared, encouraged and followed until they are realized. And though it’s easy to stay here, sometimes it’s good to leave. You can always come back.