When To Quit

Maybe the best time to quit is when late-payment notices outnumber the “Thank you for your payment” slips. Or when those whom you hold in highest esteem repeatedly ask that you please consider getting a real job and start pursuing a career worthwhile.
Perhaps the best time to quit is when you’ve grown tired of fear lurking over your shoulders:
Fear of never achieving the success for which you have sacrificed so much.
Fear of losing it all after having finally made some progress.
I assume the best time to quit is when you begin to feel enough years have lapsed during which you’ve put off vacations, delayed making “special” purchases and tried to convince yourself that being a true artist means truly embracing pauperism.  
I’ve wanted to quit many times. I actually did quit sometimes.  But being married to an eternal optimist (though he would argue he’s a realist) meant there was never enough fuel to flame my pity parties so eventually they fizzled and I got back to work.
And so now we spend our days doing what we most love to do and actually make money doing it. We live in beautiful homes and are able to provide for our son much of what we never had growing up. There are times I look around and still can’t fully comprehend how we got from there to here, other than to consider two pressing things:
He never quit which meant WE never quit.
“There but for the grace of God go I.”