For True

Book 1

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For True


River was a born runner. With each timed breath she expelled pieces of her anguished past and each calculated stride brought her closer to victory over the heartache intended for her defeat. She knew she couldn’t run away from her pain - so she ran through it. 
After the untimely death of her grandmother River’s dream of becoming a great runner is derailed when she is flung into the destructive life of Liona, the mother who abandoned her. She is eventually rescued from Liona and sent to live with her father Jimmy, but the relief is short-lived. Jimmy’s losing battle against his own demons threatens to destroy her spirit and will to run. River abandons her dream and the coach who believes in it until she meets a friend whose example inspires her to go back. Love intervenes, restoring her heart with the strength to forgive and the courage to defy the odds in the race of her life
"Kirkland delivers a phenomenal debut performance with this riveting tribute to the indomitable strength of the human spirit"
- The Bookmark