Articles on Memphis

by C.J. Kirkland

U of M: Education in Honor

​I’ve often been asked how I “do it” with a husband who is away from home so much for work; how do I manage everyday life as a working mother to a young son, with virtually no family members living in our vicinity who could lend a hand if need be. I would just as often answer with the analogy of a military family, whose life circumstances I considered very similar: when one parent is required to leave for long periods of time to serve our country, the other parent must figure out how to “do it” and often- just like me- has no family nearby to help. But at some point I realized that this was not a fair analogy to make.

The New Memphis


For the first time this past Sunday we visited Calvary Episcopal Church in downtown Memphis. My son got a bit timid when it came time to walk up the aisle with the other children en route to Children’s Church. To no avail I tried to convince him that there was nothing to fear; then the gentleman who had greeted us at the door walked over. He held his hand out and said to Luke, “Come. I’ll walk with you.” Luke glanced at me, I smiled at him, and he placed his small hand in the palm of the large hand that had been extended for him to grasp. Together they walked up the aisle and in that moment fear was overcome by a gesture of love. 

The Power of Presence


​Often times when we listen to a video or watch a presentation given by one of our favorite motivational speakers, we walk away from the experience having acquired...

Team Member Considers Working at Ronald McDonald House Gift, Not Job


​When I first toured Ronald McDonald House of Memphis, Don’s name was one that kept coming up. He is the Facilities Manager for Ronald McDonald House of Memphis and has...

History of the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis


As this year’s Ronald McDonald House of Memphis Radiothon approaches, I wanted to sit down and get a little more insight on the fundraiser from the three people who were instrumental...

Inspired by Memphis


One of my favorite movies begins with a monologue that includes the lines: “Seems to me that love is everywhere. Often it’s not particularly dignified or newsworthy but it’s always there...

Dreaming of Harbor Town


On the eve celebrating Halloween, hundreds of children and their guardians descend upon our neighborhood to Trick-or-treat in what they deem is a safe, friendly area whose residents will...



A friend recently sent me an email and in the Subject box she simply wrote the word “PUSH”. The email contained a video of two children at a playground: one child pushing the other on a swing. After I watched it several times...