Swedish Designer Dresses Up Memphis

by C.J. Kirkland

Often times when a Swedish design company establishes itself on United States soil, a cult-like following ensues. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a person living within a twenty mile radius of an Ikea home design store who does not own one of its products. Baby Björn’s soft baby carriers have been seen on everyone from Beyoncé to Cate Blanchett to Sarah Jessica Parker. In fact, just as some people refer to all caramel colored carbonated beverages as Coke, many people refer to all baby carriers as Baby Björn. Swedish Retailer H&M has two locations on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, where it sits across the street from fashion powerhouses Façonnable and Armani Exchange. In 2010 it had profits of 18.68 billion dollars. That’s more than the Gross National Income of my native country The Bahamas.

The success of these companies lies in their contemporary yet timeless design and style. They have devoted themselves to carrying lines that scream Designer yet whisper Affordable. Their products are simple, yet elegant. They are stylish, yet functional.

These same attributes can be found in Memphis’ own Lingonberry Latitude, a children’s clothing line created by Swedish designer Annelie Randall. Each of her original creations flows in simple elegance. Her dresses are versatile, much like the adult woman’s Little Black Dress. Their bold colors and classic cuts make them a perfect fit for casual settings. The simple addition of one of the line’s original accessories such as a waist ribbon or lace scarf allows for the design’s smooth transition for an evening out with Mom and Dad. Each fabric used is selected for its stylish design and each garment is sewn with functionality in mind. Some dresses are trendy and whimsical, adorned with elephants, hearts and little puffy clouds. Some are vintage-inspired, featuring elastic necklines and sleeves. No detail is overlooked and yet, her line of dresses and accessories is surprisingly affordable.

I anticipate Lingonberry Latitude will follow in the footsteps of its Swedish predecessors and establish a cult-like following in Memphis and beyond. You will be hard-pressed to find a young girl within a twenty mile radius who does not own one of Lingonberry Latitude’s creations. It is just a matter of time before one of the lines’ beautiful Yellow Elephant or Red Cloud dresses grace the tiny frames of celebrities’ offspring. I suggest getting your orders in now before the flagship store opens on Fifth Avenue!

The collection may be viewed at www.lingonberrylatitude.com.

C.J. Kirkland is a freelance writer currently based in Memphis.
Call (901) 267-5287 or email cj@cjkirkland.com.